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Fall Carnatic Vocal– Building on Basics Camp



Instructor: Devi Krishnamoorthy. Office hours 12-1:00 PM MWF or by appointment. Preferred by Email: Voice Mail:5035227327


Carnatic Vocal offers a robust form of Voice culture in a step by step basis. It is very important that your foundations are strong in order to excel in the Advanced levels. We are offering a 10 week program for anyone who would like to work on their voice and get ahead with learning. Our program helps you learn 10 Geethams in 10 weeks so you can be ready for the next level in just 3 months. If you are already in a Music class and yet feel like you are not making much progress this class could help you accomplish progress.

It is important that you have taken Carnatic vocal lessons before until Alankarams. We understand if there has been a break or you want to restart your lessons and would like to start learning Geethams. We trust your judgement. The purpose of this class is to teach you with a set syllabus so you can make progress in just three months so you don't feel stagnated in one level. Our Advanced level classes are coming soon so this may be a good start.

Audition process

All students enrolling for our program will have their Audition scheduled as part of Admission where they will have 5 minutes to sing a song or an exercise they prefer. We will just make sure you have the basis of Shruti, Rhythm and foundation in singing exercises fluently in Mayamalavagowla ragam.

Class strength and session time:

Each class consists of 7-8 students and a 1-hour long Zoom session where all students will have an opportunity to learn individually from the instructor. There will be 10 weeks during the Fall Music camp starting September 15- November 15.

We will be covering one of these Geethams every week. Homework templates will be given and we recommend to follow the practice suggested to get the most out of the class.

In Class Activities

Week 1: Introduction:

This class will be dedicated for introductions. All students will give a brief introduce of themselves and explain their experience in Music. We will go over the basic warm up practice for Carnatic Vocal. As part of introduction, they should be ready to sing a 3-minute song. This class will give the students a good understanding of the basic structure of each class and what is expected out of them. Practice templates will be given, and practice log sheet will be given to each student.

Every new Geetham class will Start with a slight introduction to Ragam, Talam, Talangas and Lyrics and meaning. It is followed by Swaram and sahithyam of the Geetham. Last 20 minutes of the class will be dedicated towards repetition and answering any questions.


  1. Sri Gananadha sindoora Varna: Malahari Ragam: Rupaka Talam

  2. Kundagoura: Malahari ragam: Rupaka Talam

  3. Keraya neeranu: Malahari Ragam: Triputa Talam

  4. Padumanabha: Malahari Ragam: Triputa Talam

  5. Varaveena: Mohana Ragam: Rupaka Talam

  6. Kamala Jadala: Kalyani Ragam: Misra Chapu 

  7. Analekhara: Suddha Saveri Ragam: Triputa Talam

  8. Mandhara Dhaare: Kambhoji Ragam: Adi Talam

  9. Rere Srirama chandra: Aarabhi Ragam: Triputa Talam

  10. Meenakshi Jaya Kamakshi: Sri Ragam: Dhruva Talam

Notations will be provided in both printed and PDF versions.


Attendance Policy:

DK film music school has had years of experience teaching, and we’ve come to find that missing classes is a no-no. We plan to push you to great lengths for you to achieve your goals in this course. We also understand that you may have some extenuating circumstances that causes you to miss school. Hence, we will allow up to 3 missed classes in the entire course – but not in the same week. We already are short on time and if you were to miss classes in the same week, you might miss the opportunity to learn a major skillset. In order to maintain the pace of the class, we will not offer any make up classes.


Fee structure will be discussed at the time of Audition

Please Contact office for Registration details

Phone: 503-522-7327

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