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Summer Camp Program You Must Join

Looking for a good Summer Camp Program in Portland, Oregon? Well, you’re at the right place. Whether you’re looking for a summer camp for kids or for adults, we have got for you a perfect one.

DK Film Music Academy introduces to you a Music Summer Camp program which will not only be a perfect way to spend your summer but also to learn Indian Film Music from the best instructors.

Who Are Our Instructors?

Our upcoming Summer Music Camp program is going to be led by experts like Devi Krishnamoorthy.

With a Music degree received in Hyderabad, Devi Krishnamoorthy became an A.I.R Artist. She is well-known for giving Carnatic Vocal concerts in her community and on Doordarshan Television Network. She then moved to Chennai to pursue advanced music training from Smt DK Pattammal after which she pursued Playback singing and Music direction in Bangalore. There, she was an assistant Music director to Sri K.Kalyan. She even worked with great Award-winning Musicians like Sri Ilaya Raja, Smt K.S.Chitra and Sri S.P Balasubramanyam and sang Indian Film Music.

And what more? She will be joined by instructors Chaitra Hiremath and Clara Baker who are well-established in their fields and have 5+ years of experience.

What In-Class Activities Will Be There During The Summer Camp Program?

To know about the activities which will be taking place and techniques which will be taught during the whole 10-week Music Summer Camp, read below:

Week 1: Introduction

During the first week, we will be starting with a basic warm-up session. As part of the introduction, the students should be ready to sing a 3-minute song. This will ensure that the students have a good understanding of the basic structure of each class & what is expected out of them.