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Learn Music For Films At DK Film Music Academy

Music for films has played an important role over the years. Especially Indian music. You may have rarely come across an Indian film without music. Even the idea is basically non-existent.

When it comes to music for films, there aren’t any established schools. But why? Well for one, it is a widely adopted notion that this style of music doesn’t require much training. But guess what? It is a separate skillset that requires as much training as other styles of music.

And with this belief, we bring to you Music Summer Camp 2021 in Portland which will solely focus on Indian Film Music Training. Yes, that’s right! With the help of highly regarded instructors, who have years of experience in the field, we will take you on a 10-week journey starting from May 15th. This Summer Camp for music will not only train you in music for films but also transform as well as prepare you for your musical future.

What Film Music Skills Will Be Taught?

We can all agree to sing a film song, an artist needs a vast range of skills and techniques. And that’s what we are here for. To help the aspiring artists with some much-needed proficiencies that can help with their future endeavors. Check out the following skills that we will be majorly focussing on each week:

1. Perfect Pitch

One of the perks of joining DK Film Music Academy’s Summer Camp is that you’ll learn Perfect Pitch recognition. One of the biggest struggles for beginners and even experienced artists is that staying on pitch. With the help of our experts, you’ll learn to stay on pitch throughout the song very efficiently.

2. Rhythm

A good song needs a good rhythm. Without a rhythm, music is considered incomplete. And that’s why while learning music for film, an artist is required to have perfect rhythm.

3. A wide range

The distance between the highest note and the lowest note is called a range. While every student has a different range, we make sure we help them in achieving their full potential using the best methods possible.

4. Pronunciation

You may have a good rhythm, pitch, and a wide range, but like in any other language song, the correct pronunciation is a must. With practice and dedication, you can learn the correct pronunciation quite effectively.

5. Feel

You may know how music can be different when combined with different variables. At our Indian Music Training Academy in Portland, we teach you how to identify those variables and bring out the best version of the music for film.

6. Breathing Techniques

Ever wonder how top artists like Arijit Singh seem to be singing without taking a breath? How do they do that? Well, they surely know some good breathing techniques. And guess what? At our Music Summer Camp, we cover this topic too.

7. Facial Muscle Movement

Did you know that your facial muscles can help you a lot while performing? While at our Summer Camp Program where you’ll learn music for film, we’ll make sure you know how to sing a song. Not only that, but you’ll also learn some techniques which will come in handy in the future.

8. Mimicking skill

If you think you need the perfect Indian accent to learn Indian Music, then we’ve got news for you. Our team of experts, Devi Krishnamoorthy, Chaitra Hiremath, and Clara Baker, will be of significant help, facilitating you with the right techniques.

9. Studio training

To perfect your abilities and get you ready for making music for film, we have special studio training sessions. These will help you learn the essentials of recording art and much more. For details, you can get in touch with us via Email:

10. Performing ability

Last, but certainly not least, at our Music Summer Camp in Portland, starting from May 15th, 2021, you’ll learn how to perform. This will include training the students to manage energy, have confidence, focus, and prepare them to have a head start in their musical careers.

DK Film Music Academy - Learn The Best Techniques To Ace Indian Music For Film

Indian Music can demand a lot. But with the right techniques and the help of the right mentors, you can surely come out the other side a well-developed artist. So, what are you waiting for? Register now for our 10-week Music Summer Camp Program in Portland, and start your journey by learning Indian Music for film by the experts.

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