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Welcome To The Music Summer Camp in Portland!

Updated: May 1, 2021

There’s no better way to spend your summer vacations than learning something new. Or maybe getting better at what you love. So, if you’re someone interested in Indian music training and looking for a Summer Camp for Music, you’ve come to the right place.

DK Film Music Academy brings to you the best Music Summer Camp in Portland, Oregon starting from May 15. Here, you’ll be acquainted with Indian Film Music by the notable instructors, Devi Krishnamoorthy, Chaitra Hiremath, and Clara Baker.

Keep on reading for further information.

What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in the Music Summer Camp?

As you may already know there are several artists and playback singers. So, many that one can easily find a song that matches their voice type, quality, and range.​

You must be thinking that you need to at least have a basic idea of how to sing. Well, we’ve got news for you – it is optional. Yes, you read that right. At DK Film Music Academy, we believe that every human voice can sing. Although each person can be at a different level but with constant practice, one can show exponential growth to be a good singer.

Right now, we are enrolling anyone of age 6 and up. So, hurry and make your registration today.

What Is The Audition Process?

It is mandatory for all the students enrolling in the Music Summer Camp 2021 to go through an audition process. During this, a candidate will have 5 minutes to sing any song of their choice. Depending on the audition, they will be placed in the appropriate level of classes in the Summer Camp for Music program with similar level students.

All the students will be graded based on Accuracy, Range, Rhythm, and Shruti, during the audition.

Class Strength & Session Time

Each class will consist of a batch of 7-8 students. What makes this Summer Music Camp special is that during the 1-hour long sessions, the students will have an opportunity to learn individually from the instructors.

With a total duration of 10 weeks, this Summer Music Camp in Portland, USA can prove to be quite instrumental for overall growth.

Please Note: To comply with the Covid-19 guidelines, we make sure that safe distance is maintained at all times. We will also ensure that necessary precautions are taken by us and all the attendees.

Attendance Policy For The Summer Music Camp

With years of Indian Music training experience, DK Film Music School makes a great deal of effort to make you achieve your goals. And for this reason, we allow up to 3 missed classes during the entire Summer Music Camp program. And that too not within the same week, so you don’t miss out on a major Indian Music Training skillset.

Also, to maintain the pace of the class, we will not offer any make-up classes.


As per the policies of our Summer Camp for Music, the fees are non-negotiable. We only accept total fees that should be paid during admission either via cash, cheque, or Zelle.

Please note:

(1) We do not offer refunds is not refundable.

(2) Missed classes cannot be made up.

DK Film Music Academy - For Ultimate Indian Music Learning Experience

DK Music Film Music Academy is a school for Indian Music training. Here, we cater to a learning experience that bolsters the students to get ahead. With an intent to broaden the horizons and train the students for the next phase of their careers, we employ extraordinary methods.

The Summer Music Camp 2021 is your chance to learn songs in Songs in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi. So, go ahead and get registered before May 15th. We offer Indian music courses in Portland and anybody starting from age 6 can get enrolled.

To register, call us on these numbers: 503-956-0962, 503-522-7327

Or get in touch via mail:

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