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Fall Carnatic Vocal– Building on Basics Camp
Sep 15, 2021- Nov 15, 2021

Instructor: Devi Krishnamoorthy

Office hours12 -1:00 PM MWF or by appointment.

Preferred by Email:

Voice Mail: 503-522-7327

For Registrations call our office: 5 pm-8pm

Carnatic Vocal offers a robust form of Voice culture in a step by step basis. It is designed such that the more advanced levels exercises you learn the more your voice gets challenged enough to attain the desired Voice culture.

Hence it becomes very important to make progress in Syllabus.

We offer a 10 week program for anyone who would like to learn material and move up to the next level in just 3 months.

Our program helps you learn 5 to 10 Exercises of any level you register. If you are already in a music class and yet feel stagnated in one level this could help you accomplish progress.

Auditions: This class may seem very fast paced if you are not in the right class. So to avoid that, we have arranged Auditions during registrations to determine together what class might be most beneficial to you.

Class Structure:
Each class consists of 7-8 students and a 1-hour 30 minutes long Zoom session where all students will have an opportunity to learn individually from the instructor. There will be 10 weeks during the Fall Music camp starting September 15- November 15.

Please check out the classes offered this term

We recommend ages 8 and up!

Wish you all the best!!

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