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New Year Musical 

A grand multilingual live musical show hosted by Devi Krishnamoorthy that brings in celebrity singers from Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi together on the same stage along with some Portland artists. 

This is a 3-hour musical show that plays all the regional hits of film music songs. Towards the end of the musical show there will be a 1 hour DJ that includes Bhangra, Bollywood, Pop and K-pop.


This is a fantastic way to meet fellow Indians in Portland together for a fun filled new year celebration and also to  enjoy a fabulous dinner after the show.

Venue: HECSA Auditorium 

Date: Jan 15, 2023

Dinner: Choice available


  1. Harish Raghavendra

  2. Arjun Adapalli

  3. Devi Krishnamoorthy

Other singers Poornima Karra, Mahesh Krishna, Sandeep Pudi, Ritika Ganesna, Gokul Gopalasamy, Asmitha Ananthan and Leela Daniel

The GRAND opening act is performed by a local teen pop artist: Trisha Iyer

Special Performance by Aseem Agarwal and Preeti Rao

The DJ is performed by a local artist. Don't miss the Dance party towards the end of the show

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